Monday, 25 April 2011

What Difficulties Someone Meets At Work Make Him Think

Man may encounter various difficulties throughout the day. However whatever difficulties he encounters, he need to put his trust in Allah and think such: " Allah tests us with everything we do and we think about in the life of this world.

This is a very important reality of which we should not lose sight even for a moment.

Threfore, if we meet a difficulty in anything thatb we do or think or manage do not proceed on the right track, we should never forget that all these events are set against us to test our conduct..

These thought which cross one's mind are true of all major or minor events one encounter during the day. For instance, we may make extra payments due to a misunderstanding or carelessness, we may lose a file on the computer on which we spent hours due to powercut and what had happened to me recently you were condemned on such an event you were organized for the sake of your batch.

Deep inside, it make my life worse and spoiled for days. And i admitted thats was my fault and ajk's faults because do not explain earlier.

In all these incidents, a person with faith immediately thinks that Allah is testing his conducts and pateints.

And when relief follow difficulty, we realise that this is an answer to our prayer to Allah, that Allah is the Hearer of prayers and He responds to us, and we give thanks to Allah. Thank you Allah.

I realise that living through the day thinking this though, one never becomes hopeless, worries, fell sorry, or is left desperate, no matter what one encounter.

We know Allah created all these for a good and that there is blessing in them. Moreover, we think like this not only in major events or problems that may befall us BUT, also in all of the details,big or small, we meet in our daily life.

It is easy to well said but it is very hard to practice it. Go forward and as muslim we must be an optimistic person.


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  1. mcm kenal jer pic atas tue akrang....hehe~

    syeikh, ana x bincng lg ngan kzda, dyer busy plak... esok insyaAllah baru kami meeting... ma3alesy yer... ;)